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About Hotel and Tourism Institute

The Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI), a member of the Vocational Training Council (VTC), was set up in 1985 to fulfill the growing demand for trained manpower in the hotel and tourism Industry. The institute aims to be the leading institution in hotel and tourism training in Hong Kong in order to support Hong Kong’s status as a premier travel destination in Asia.

Programmes offered by HTI are diversified, up-to-date and meet the needs of the industry. Programmes include Food and Beverage Service, Front Office Operations, Housekeeping Operations, Hotel Spa Therapies, Event Management, Tour Service and Travel Agency Operations. Emphasis is placed on both fundamental knowledge and practical skills which lay a good foundation for students to enter into the professions. The range of our certificate and diploma programmes are designed for school leavers of S3 to S6. In addition, HTI offers supervisory and skills-upgrading programmes for in-service professionals.

Students will be equipped with practical experience through serving real guests at the training hotel, restaurants, lounge and spa prior to entering the hotel and tourism industry.

Mission Statement

To be the Centre of Excellence in providing world class competency-based training for the hospitality industry in Hong Kong in order to maintain and uphold Hong Kong's leadership position in the hospitality industry in Asia.

Area Goal

  • Strive to be the major supplier of operative level manpower to the industry by matching our students with the industry's requirements.
  • Equip our students with versatile multi-language training in vocational English and Putonghua. Our goal is to furnish our students with versatile communication skills, tech-savvy skills, and instill in them a strong work ethic and attitude.
  • Maintain technical excellence in pre-employment training and continuous professional development. Sustain quality education through continuous improvements of existing courses.
  • Maintain close industry partnership by building rapport and working closely with the hospitality industry in all aspects related to training. We would steer our direction and gauge performance through the continuous evaluation of industry feedback, and active participation in professional bodies.
  • Continued efforts in keeping abreast of new products and trends. Within the constraints of available resources, we would assist in carrying out surveys as well as the consolidation of statistics, and offer consultancy to support any industry quests as required.
  • Pursue the renewal and development of our own staff through industrial attachment and relevant training.
  • Maintain cost effectiveness and optimum utilization of funds with accurate budget forecasting.
  • Raise awareness on the importance of the hospitality industry in Hong Kong through different channels to increase exposure. Our professional image would be enhanced with wider support and goodwill from the society in general, which in turn would attract market interest and encourage people to join our training. We also promote and support career advancement for in-service personnel.
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