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Hotel, Catering and Tourism Training Board
Membership List


Mr David Udell
Nominated by a Major International Hotel Chain

Vice Chairman

Mr Michael Li Hon-shing, SBS, BBS, JP, KSJ
Nominated by the Federation of Hong Kong Hotel Owners Limited


Ms Sarah Chan Yui-yan
Nominated by the Hong Kong Tourism Board

Mr Colin Chang Ka-lim
Nominated by a major theme park or a major attraction

Ms Anita Cheng Wai-ching
Nominated by the Hong Kong Chefs Association

Mr Marco Cheung Chi-fai
Nominated by a Catering Association

Mr Nelson Chow Kwok-ming
Nominated by a wine related association

Ms Belinda Fung
Nominated by a local based hotel chain

Mr Patrick Kwok
Nominated by the Hong Kong Hotels Association

Dr Patricia Leahy, SBS, BBS
Nominated by a sport/ recreation Organization

Mr Wilson Lee Po-lam
Nominated by a company specialising in the hospitality technology sector

Dr Paul Leung Kin-hang
Nominated by a local education/ training Institution

Mr Paul Leung , MH
Nominated by the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong

Mr Wallace Li Chin-hung
Nominated by the Club Managers' Association of Hong Kong

Mr. Herman Wan Ka-fai 
Nominated by the Board of Airline Representatives

Mr Lenny Wong
Nominated by a small and medium hotel

Mr Wilson Wu Wai-tsuen
Nominated by a major restaurant chain

Ms Brenda Yau
Nominated by the Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Industry Association

Mr Yau Tik-wai
Nominated by a travel agent

Nominated by a travel agent
Nominated by a travel agent

Ms Veronica Chan Kar-wing
Representing the Commissioner for Labour

Mr Anson Lai
Representing the Commissioner for Tourism

Mr Edmond Yu Kwok-chu
Representing the Executive Director of the Vocational Training Council


Ms Claudia Au
Vocational Training Council

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